My name is Ree. I live right down the bottom of the world in Tasmania, Australia with my amazing husband, two cats and a baby on the way! After years of paying ridiculously high rent, breathing in pollution and struggling with the competitiveness of city life, my husband and I decided to pack our bags and move from Perth, Australia to a rural town in rugged, beautiful Tasmania. It was an enormous change… it meant leaving behind family, friends and the familiarity of the city that we had spent most of our lives. It was however, the best change that we have ever made. Within a year of moving, we purchased our own adorable colonial cottage and I became pregnant! We are able to go hiking through some of the most amazing national parks in the world and they are only a short drive away from our cozy little home. Believe it or not, even the cats are happier here! Our life has simplified and that has allowed us to focus on what is important to us, freeing us from the pressures of big city life. There is no doubt in my mind that Tasmania is now my home.

I love to fill my life with bright colours, piles of books, laughter, good food and lots of adventures. I truly believe that you can live a fulfilling, rewarding and beautiful life even on the smallest budget. Letting go of certain expectations and viewpoints has helped me on the path to finding true happiness; hopefully I can share some of this positivity and inspiration with you as I share my adventures on this blog.

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